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If you only need to print bingo cards and our Impresor of Cartons is it too small, Printing with the printer for you to print up 30.000 cards.

Cartons includes a designer to customize the printing of different models incorporating the program, as well as create your own.

Can work with cards with numbering 1 al 90 or the 1 al 75.

Attention: The program contains neither CARTONS OR REPEATED LINES. Guaranteed.

Cartons can preview before printing and being fixed series ensures always print the same cartons, every time you need. Print 3, 4, 8 O 12 Cartons per page (in different sizes), with continuous numbering or parallel, or random, printing series, etc. Poscript printed on printers and virtual printers in PDF format, plus any conventional injection laser or.

Available in 2 versions: and (standard) y vP (plus). ¿What are the differences?

You can download a demo from the operational section downloads.

– See a Comparison of all our programs to print cartons.

If more than 30.000 cards, see our Cards Generator. And if you just want your computer to generate and sing numbers, check lines and bingos, etc… you need is our Bingo Las Vegas O well Bingo Hall.

trolley 149,95€ trolley Consult
Printers printer for vE Printers printer vP additional maintenance
Print without limits up 30.000 cards (without cartons or repeated lines). It includes a Designer to customize printing. Same features as the standard version but without the copyright of Francisko Parejo, Software.
It is an optional service if contact you back. Please contact us for more information.