shall implyPrint bingo cards

You just need to print bingo cards??

With this program you can print up:
– 300 cartons in the Family version.
– 1.500 cartons in Peñas version.
– 6.000 cartons in version Gran Peña.

Can work with cards with numbering 1 al 90 or the 1 al 75.

Of course, plus cartons preview before printing and being fixed series ensures always print the same cartons, every time you need. Print 3, 4, 8 O 12 Cartons per page (in different carton sizes), with continuous numbering or parallel, or random, etc. Print on any laser or conventional injection (except Poscript and PDF).

It includes a Cards Designer, Familiar basic versions in Peñas, and most advanced in the Gran Peña, that lets you customize the printing of different models incorporating the program, as well as create your own.

Attention: The program contains neither CARTONS OR REPEATED LINES. Guaranteed.

– See a Comparison of all our programs to print cartons.

Ideas: If you do not have a computer in the place where you play bingo, This generator is ideal because it allows you to prepare all the cards you need, in different sizes and formats.

You can download a demo from the operational section downloads.

If more than 6.000 cards, see our Printer for Printer Office or the Cards Generator. And if you just want your computer to generate and sing numbers, check lines and bingos, etc… you need is our Bingo Las Vegas O well Bingo Hall.

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Family Impresor Cartons Cartons printer Peñas Cartons printer Gran Peña
Print without limits up 300 different cards (without cartons or repeated lines) Print without limits up 1.500 different cards (without cartons or repeated lines) Print without limits up 6.000 different cards (without cartons or repeated lines). Designer includes Cartons.