descarga1 Bingos downloads and Printing Cartons

IMPORTANT: Some antivirus like Avast and the AVG detect our program as Virus! and despite having informed manufacturers, still do not solve the “false positive“. The we guarantee that our programs are free of viruses and for your safety we invite you to check them with antivirus best level: and

»»» Download Bingo Las Vegas 3.20 – 14/02/2.023 (2,1MB)
To Play Bingo!!, prints up 4.500 different cards, extraction is manually or automatically, sings the numbers, prizes calculated according bingo cards sold, etc…

»»» Download Impresor of Cartons 3.70 – 20/12/2.019 (1,3MB)
If you only need to print cards, the printer lets you print 300, 1.500 or to 6.000 cards (always the same) depending on version, as many times as required, with numbers 1 al 90 or 1 al 75. It includes a designer Cartons.

»»» Download Bingo Hall 3.70 – 08/01/2.020 (1,7MB)
Based on Bingo Las Vegas, but with 30.000 cards and many more options, some of them specific room or large rocks, for example, card printing by series, Cards Designer, etc…

»»» Download Professional Bingo 4.70 – 08/01/2.020 (1,7MB)
Incorporates ALL options Bingo Hall 3 and also it allows to work with 2 different monitors, It includes an automatic warning winning cartons, It allows a camera (webcam), etc…

»»» Download Printer to Printers 3.70 – 20/12/2.019 (1,3MB)
Cartons Impresor of a more specific options for print shops that includes a designer Cartons. Y 30.000 different cards, with printing by series, PDF, poscript, cards with numbers 1 al 90 or 1 al 75, etc..

»»» Download Generator Cartons 3.19 – 10/11/2.015 (0,6MB)
If printers Cartons we will fall short, Cartons random generator allows you to generate up series 60.000 different boards each time, all series you want. Designer includes Cartons.

»»» Descargar Pantmenú 1.40 – 01/05/2.003 (0,3MB)
Pantmenú is a menu generator that allows you to have your favorite applications easily accessible. Perfect in local networks.

»»» Descargar CalenFPS 1.00 – 29/08/2.003 (0,3MB)
It is a simple and free program that lets you print calendars in different formats (since 18 months per page 1 month per page)

»»» Download Remote Assistance (AnyDesk)