bingoBingo Profesional v4

Special version with Bingo Hall 30.000 cartons and more…

Incorporates ALL options Bingo Hall v3. Plus:

– Can work with 2 different monitors, for example: the main screen of a laptop and video output (VGA or HDMI) the same to send the signal to one or several large-screen TVs). On the screens you see players own program announcements or operator of heading appear.

– It includes automatic warning winning cartons (you can turn on and off as Auto Bingo program); notice of cartons awarded only appears on the control screen.

– It allows a camera (webcam) when extraction is activated by “Manual Bombo”, thus focusing the camera and the extracted ball, It is seen through the screens real ball. The camera is displayed on the screens you see players.

– Show on-screen values ​​Accumulated Bingo, Collection, Bank, and the amounts of the prizes can be turned on / off separately.

Available in 2 versions: and (standard) y vP (plus). What are the differences? Consult for versions vP.

Can see Here the program manual to become familiar with all the options, and you can also download a demo from the operational section downloads.

trolley 249,95€ trolley 149,97 €
Bingo Professional vE
Bingo Sala and License. + additional maintenance
until 30.000 cards (without cartons or repeated lines) and many other options for rooms and / or large rocks. It includes a Designer to customize printing. Additional licenses (2nd room for, booking if the main computer fails, etc) Discount 25% (40% if you hire maintenance).
It is an optional service if contact you back. Please contact us for more information.