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We are a company computer programming, specialized in related programs Bingo game. further, we have special versions. And also we have a division management software (Partner Management, gyms, Clubs, …).
Since 1.988 at your service.

Francisko Parejo, Software
street Tarrega, No 95, 08227 TERRACE (Barcelona) – Spain

We are at your disposal on the phone (34) 902 005 387.

SCHEDULE: Monday through Friday 9:00 a 19:00 hours (Spanish time).

If you desired, You can send us an email with your phone number and contact schedule and we will call. For technical inquiries, please, send mail to:

How to buy?

Due to registration of our programs (“User ID” / “Record ID”) we can not meet requests at our offices, the process is exclusively by email.

1º) Download and install the desired program DEMO.

2º) Run the program and go to the option “Registrar” (or menu “Help” / “Registrar”), note the “User ID” that appears.

3º) Make your purchase on this website, adding the program or programs you want to Basket. Fill in your details in the order, indicating the “User ID” previously he scored. And make payment according to the instructions on your “Shopping basket”.

4º) Once verified the payment we will send an email with your invoice and a code (Record ID) which allows you to activate the demo program you have installed.

Phone. (34) 902 005 387