Bingo Las Vegas 3.20 – 14/02/2.023¡To Play Bingo!!, prints up 4.500 different cards, extraction is manually or automatically, sings the numbers, prizes calculated according bingo cards sold,
We have different programs to play Bingo, from the familiar to the more professional version for rooms or large rocks. Also different Cards Printers for all needs.Contact Us, if we do not have it, we make it to measure.
Bingo de Sala v3 08/01/2.020Based on Bingo Las Vegas, but with 30.000 cards and many more options, some of them specific to bingo halls or big clubs, for example, card printing by series, Cards Designer, etc… Cards Printer 3.70 – 20/12/2.019If you only need to print cards, the printer lets you print 300, 1.500 or to 6.000 cards (always the same) depending on version, as many times as required. It includes a designer Cartons.
Bingo Profesional v408/01/2.020

Includes ALL options of Bingo de Sala v3 and also allows to use 2 different screens (the player and the game operator). Includes a warning signal of awarded cards and other options for Professionals Bingo Halls…

Printer for Printer Office 3.70 – 20/12/2.019A Cards Printer with more options specific to printers office that includes a Cards Designer and 30.000 different cards, with printing by series,