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contact us We are a company computer programming, specialized in related programs Bingo game. further, we have special versions. And also we have a division management software (Partner Management, gyms, Clubs, …). Since 1.988

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance We connect to their computers and install your license, or we retrieve it if you lost… We teach you to use the program and we solve all your doubts… Please, Download this program connection when

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance For those clients who want to have always operating our programs and forget about problems, virus, the computer to malfunction, etc ... we offer this optional service that includes these benefits: a) Installation and / or reinstalling the program on your computer electronically

Frequent questions

We answer your questions Are they compatible with Windows 10? What currencies Bingo works? I only hear the sound of “Welcome to bingo…” but none more numbers can sing in other languages? Legal Notice Do you need technical assistance? contact our