Extras Bingo

»»» VozBingo service 1.0

With this service, You can send files with your voice (follow the instructions of the program manual) and can thus customize the voice both Las Vegas and Bingo Bingo Hall.

* It is free for users with maintenance contract, order it to our service.


»»» WGrabaCar program 1.0

You need to use their own cards in Bingo?
If you already have printed their own cards you can add to Bingo.

* It is free for users with contracted maintenance, order it to our service.


»»» Series of Official Cartons

If you use official series (for example, the Treasury) please contact us and we have several series and ready to integrate them into Bingo (so you can use online checks and bingo during the


(*) These services are free for customers with maintenance contract, in force, and it can be used for free until 3 times per year. Outside these conditions, you can use them for a small fee.